Hi, welcome to my blog. This blog is all about kicking the habit of earning money and switching for the easier and more effective method of “Making” Money with the use of passive income streams. We are not claiming to know the get rich quick secret but using the information on this page I will show you how I and many others like me got rich slowly but surely. Over time money rolls in faster and easier with each new stream of passive income.

Friday, 27 January 2012

No Investment Passive Income

No Investment Passive Income: Why It Does Not Exist

Their are alot of myths out their that you can earn a passive income without investment. I personally have heard a heap of them but have never found one that works. To put it simply is only one way to make money, Invest. However this does not mean you have to involve money.

Most people instantly associate the work invest with money however their are other things to consider when you talk about investing. For instance you can invest time, like earning a salary or getting paid by the hour, although it may not cost anything you are still making an investment. And when it boils down to it at the end of the day you cannot be investing time to earn a passive income. As the whole point of passive income is to not requiring any effort on your part. Hence the only option left is to invest money to earn a passive income. However the great thing about this is their are alot of great ideas to begin earning a passive income with $100 or less.

Great resources and information for free!

I didn't expect myself to do anything like this, but I have recently purchased a kindle which gives me free assess to heaps of ebooks at amazon.com
You are able to rent books for free if you have a kindle account.
I of course have spent a lot of time searching through what they have to offer in regards to ebooks about investing, passive income etc and this is a short list of some of the best
P.S. If you dont have a kindle account you can still purchase the books, each of the ones I have chosen to include cost only $3.00 each

Free Money Through Passive Income
2012 your year to make a fortune
The $500 fortune
Free Money, Smart Investing

Remember these are free! There are also a large range of other books which may be worth reading but from what I have seen so far these are some of the better.

Monday, 16 January 2012

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Friday, 13 January 2012

Make Money Blogging

An Introduction To Blogging For A Profit
The concept of making money blogging has been around for quite a few years and with current economic states more and more people are pursuing this idea to make a few extra bucks on the side. Due to this thousands of new blogs are being created every day. So what does this mean for you? Successfully creating a profitable blog is not a task that can be completed in a few hours It takes months of discipline and hundreds of hours of work to monetise a blog, but the following article will put you on the right path.

Where To Start

Firstly and most importantly you need to create your blog, this is no easy task it take many long nights and tireless persistence. However it can be very rewarding if it is done right. So Begin by choosing a topic for your blog I strongly recommend a topic that interest you as it will be less of a chor to maintain and you will require less research on the topic to create your posts. From your point of view your blog is the heart of your money making stream pumping traffic through it to generate income. Take a look at the diagram below to help better understand this.

Earn A Passive Income With Blogging - Free Money
From this diagram you can see the flow of web traffic and the flow of money. Your Blog being the central hub receives traffic from; Social Media, Directories and Search Engines once traffic arrives at your bolg it is then diverted to outbound link, advertisements, affiliates or the window can simply be closed. Your goal is to divert the maximum amount of traffic to advertising or affiliates as possible as this is where the flow of cash begins.

Receiving Traffic
To start receiving traffic you firstly need to create quality content. When starting a blog you need to concentrate on the quality of your content. As I previously mentioned I recommend choosing a topic that interests you as you will already have knowledge on the topic and creating the content will be less boring for you. The next thing to concentrate on I quantity of content. I cannot stress enough the importance of not producing poor quality content just to increase the quantity, people will not return to a poor quality blog however they will also not return if it simply lacks the quantity of information they require. At the start try to aim for 60% quality and 40% Quantity, as your number of posts increase start increasing the importance on quality as they quantity will already be their. Once you have established your content then and only then should you start to consider ideas to increase your traffic.

Diverting Traffic
Once they traffic has reached your blog it needs to be diverted. Their are four places it can go, outbound links, advertisements, affiliate links or the user can simply close the window (know as terminal traffic). Outbound links are links that lead the user away from your blog, perhaps to another blog or site we need to keep these to a minimum as no money can be made form outbound links or terminal traffic. The other diversion options for the user to take are advertisements or affiliate links. Advertisement companies such as google, yahoo etc will pay for for each and every click they receive on an ad, this is where we want to divert as much traffic as we can. On the other hand they user can also be diverted using an affiliate link these links take the user to another site where you get paid a commission on any sales they make or if they sign up to they site.

Getting Paid
Once your blog has generated enough clicks on ad's to reach they payment threshold of the advertising companies you are able to withdraw it as a check or have it depositing into you paypal account.

I hope this information has been helped, Happy Blogging I will be posting a list of my favourite advertising companies next as well as a list of my favourite affiliates.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Increasing Blog Traffic to Maximise Earning

This post is aimed at those who earn a passive income from blogging or those who wish to increase their blog. When looking how to maximise blog revenue you first need to look at the quality of you blog. People need a reason to return to your blog on a regular basis, it is easier to keep existing traffic than it is to generate more.

Retain Existing Readers
I recommend that you make sure you are uploading quality post on a regular basis; you need to have your audience asking for more. Ways to achieve this may include:
· Asking questions at the ends of your post to stimulate comments
· Ending posts with hints of the topics of future post
· You may also consider using social media outlets to remind viewers to return, i.e. If they join a Facebook page that is linked to your blog they will be reminded of your existence each and every time you make a post.
· Post regularly, review your sites stats to see when you receive the most hits; this is usually the best time to post however experiment as it varies for individual blogs. You may also want to use the post scheduler to how you keep on top of this.
· Don’t talk like a reporter, use words such as I and you to create a personal connection with readers
· Reply to each and every comment, I cannot stress this one enough. People will not return if you can’t answer their questions
· Do not copy articles from other blogs, this will ruin you Search Engine Rating as algorithms are embedded SE coding to give little priority to Copy Cat sites. Not only will posting unique content not ruin your rating it will also improve it as SE’s crave new unique content. This is another reason to post regularly.
Creating New Traffic
When looking at the idea of generating new organic traffic there are many aspects to consider. Although it is often a tedious and time consuming task there are many ways to efficiently increase your new unique viewers. Follow a few of the methods below and you should see a definite increase in traffic.
·         Add your blog to various blog registers, I recommend www.bloggers.com this is a great tool for increasing your views. You should be able to get 40 votes in less than a week and see a great improvement in views.
·         Submit Your Sites to as many search engines as possible but makes sure you submit it to at least Google and Yahoo as 90% of all web traffic is directed through these sites.
·I also recommend Follow blogs with the same or a similar niche, comment on these blogs  regularly this will give you some great link backs, remember to post quality comments as nobody is going to go look at the blog who commented “great comment”. Read the post thoroughly and make a quality comment or not at all. These link backs will also improve you Search Engine Rating.
· Join Link Exchanges this is also a great way to meet other bloggers, my personal favourite is Free Viral Visitors

Using these tips you should see an almost great improvement on you views just remember quality posts are the key and the more time you put in the better the results you will see.

Good Luck and Happy Blogging

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