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Friday, 27 January 2012

Great resources and information for free!

I didn't expect myself to do anything like this, but I have recently purchased a kindle which gives me free assess to heaps of ebooks at amazon.com
You are able to rent books for free if you have a kindle account.
I of course have spent a lot of time searching through what they have to offer in regards to ebooks about investing, passive income etc and this is a short list of some of the best
P.S. If you dont have a kindle account you can still purchase the books, each of the ones I have chosen to include cost only $3.00 each

Free Money Through Passive Income
2012 your year to make a fortune
The $500 fortune
Free Money, Smart Investing

Remember these are free! There are also a large range of other books which may be worth reading but from what I have seen so far these are some of the better.

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