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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Increasing Blog Traffic to Maximise Earning

This post is aimed at those who earn a passive income from blogging or those who wish to increase their blog. When looking how to maximise blog revenue you first need to look at the quality of you blog. People need a reason to return to your blog on a regular basis, it is easier to keep existing traffic than it is to generate more.

Retain Existing Readers
I recommend that you make sure you are uploading quality post on a regular basis; you need to have your audience asking for more. Ways to achieve this may include:
· Asking questions at the ends of your post to stimulate comments
· Ending posts with hints of the topics of future post
· You may also consider using social media outlets to remind viewers to return, i.e. If they join a Facebook page that is linked to your blog they will be reminded of your existence each and every time you make a post.
· Post regularly, review your sites stats to see when you receive the most hits; this is usually the best time to post however experiment as it varies for individual blogs. You may also want to use the post scheduler to how you keep on top of this.
· Don’t talk like a reporter, use words such as I and you to create a personal connection with readers
· Reply to each and every comment, I cannot stress this one enough. People will not return if you can’t answer their questions
· Do not copy articles from other blogs, this will ruin you Search Engine Rating as algorithms are embedded SE coding to give little priority to Copy Cat sites. Not only will posting unique content not ruin your rating it will also improve it as SE’s crave new unique content. This is another reason to post regularly.
Creating New Traffic
When looking at the idea of generating new organic traffic there are many aspects to consider. Although it is often a tedious and time consuming task there are many ways to efficiently increase your new unique viewers. Follow a few of the methods below and you should see a definite increase in traffic.
·         Add your blog to various blog registers, I recommend www.bloggers.com this is a great tool for increasing your views. You should be able to get 40 votes in less than a week and see a great improvement in views.
·         Submit Your Sites to as many search engines as possible but makes sure you submit it to at least Google and Yahoo as 90% of all web traffic is directed through these sites.
·I also recommend Follow blogs with the same or a similar niche, comment on these blogs  regularly this will give you some great link backs, remember to post quality comments as nobody is going to go look at the blog who commented “great comment”. Read the post thoroughly and make a quality comment or not at all. These link backs will also improve you Search Engine Rating.
· Join Link Exchanges this is also a great way to meet other bloggers, my personal favourite is Free Viral Visitors

Using these tips you should see an almost great improvement on you views just remember quality posts are the key and the more time you put in the better the results you will see.

Good Luck and Happy Blogging

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  1. You gave nice post to us on making money online by blogging. You gave different ways to earn money online thanks for spending the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more.

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  3. Thanks for the information. We all struggle to get more traffic, and hopefully your methods will work. I never knew that adding my blog to bloggers would have such a big impact on traffic.

  4. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Traffic is hard to get and hard to maintain. I got about 15k page views the first 12 months, after that the traffic started to drop. It is a constant struggle to be on the top, it requires a strong foundation with solid back-links. I took your advice and added my blog to bloggers, and I started getting more traffic. Thanks..

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