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Monday, 9 January 2012

No Secrets; Simply Stratergy: The Key 2 Success

Develop Multiple Passive Income Streams to replace your Working Income; I did it and now I’ll show you how.
What I’m about to tell you is not a highly kept corporate secret, nor is it a gimmick; It is a simple yet effective strategy to make money without selling a thing. I have previously introduced you to the idea of a passive income. I am now going to show you how to take that simple idea and show you how to replace your working income by developing multiple passive income streams.
But simply because passive income requires no involvement for you directly you now earn they money from that income stream no matter what you are doing. Let’s use an eBook for an example of a passive income stream. Say you have finished writing an eBook and uploaded it to amazon or where you have. This eBook will now sit on amazon’s computer generating revenue each time one is sold no matter where you are of what you are doing. Instead of being happy with the $50 or so you are making each month for free while you return to your day job you need to turn around and think “hey what if I wrote another eBook?” Now you are earning $100 a month for free.
And there you have it as bleak as it may seem the key to being successful is to never be satisfied.Using this strategy of developing multiple passive income streams is the key to success. Of cause at first it will be hard to find the free time because you will still require your day job to support you. But stick to your guns I’m not promising it will be easy but I guarantee you it will be worth it.
When developing multiple passive income streams you need to keep in mind the idea of diversifying imagine you stuck to the eBooks and wrote a hundred books and make all of your money from eBooks and rely on it heavily now that you have quit your day job. Now think where I will get all my free money if amazon goes out of business or the server crashed.
So keep this in mind, multiply and diversify you passive income streams. I will be hard work in the beginning but think of all the free money at the end.
Good Luck

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