Hi, welcome to my blog. This blog is all about kicking the habit of earning money and switching for the easier and more effective method of “Making” Money with the use of passive income streams. We are not claiming to know the get rich quick secret but using the information on this page I will show you how I and many others like me got rich slowly but surely. Over time money rolls in faster and easier with each new stream of passive income.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Logic Of Money: Why Only Fools Work Hard

How Technology Changed The Game
Many years ago and still now (although incorrectly) it is commonly believed that you have to work hard to earn the big buck. However with recent advancements in technology, communications and business structures it has made earning money a lot easier than before. If you look at today’s billionaires it quickly becomes evident that there are only three reasons somebody can become that rich within a single life time. The more common of the two are they were simply born into money or they got lucky with a single grand idea. Unfortunately you are probably not on this blog if you fall into one of those categories and I for one was not waiting around to get lucky but thankfully there is a third reason and this is the one we are going to concentrate on because it is the only one we have any control over. As you have probably guessed it is Passive income streams.

So what are passive income streams?

Put simply a passive income stream is money we do not have to work for. Most commonly it is revenue generating asset. A good example of this is a person that owns a house and leases it, the real estate agent does all the hard work and simply deposits money into your account at the end of each month leaving us no work at all to receive this income. But once again you are probably not on this blog if you already own investment property/s, so I am going to show you a few ideas to start off with. These ideas are simple, easy and have little to no cash and time required to begin. The downside of this is that these passive income streams only produce very little revenue but the trick is to start small and gradually build your way up and grow the number of income streams until it becomes substantial.

The Link Below will take you to another page on my blog devoted entirely too passive income stream ideas and will show you how to get started as well as the costs, time and expected revenue involved.

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