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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Make Money Online: The Easy Way

Today I decided to talk about making money online and how we can introduce this into your current passive income stream portfolio. When you begin to look at making money online the choices are overwhelming and who knows which ones work? With options like eBay, Google adsence, ClickPay and many more the options can be overwhelming.

First of all you have to ask yourself: “Can I make this work for me the way I want it to?” unless you are selling digital copies you will have to organise a way to automate your projects, this can be very difficult and extremely time demanding to set up. That’s why I recommend sticking to digital copies. Personally I would start off with something simple like and eBook that can easily be submitted to sites like amazon, lulu, and the iBook Store etc.  Once you have created your account these companies allow you to simply set your asking price and will then deposit the sales revenue directly into your bank account after taking out their commission. The other upside to digital copy sales is that you don’t need cumbersome assets and it is free to set up. Even if you are not the kind of person that would be able to sit down and write a book you also have the option of purchasing licencing rights to other books, this gives you the right to sell the books after paying a one off fee. I personally have purchased the rights too many books with great results. I have seen book rights going for as little as $2 right up to about 3 to 4 hundred dollars.

EBooks not for you? Try your hand at YouTube videos, online surveys, affiliate marketing (witch I will going in a few posts time because it is a very interesting and rewarding topic), Blogging or even sign up referrals.

Now let’s talk about eBay as inciting as eBay can seem it is really only useful for selling your unwanted good. This is because all the niche markets have been filled and the competition from china with our strong dollar is making it impossible to compete. This combined with the inability to completely automate a endeavour like this is near to impossible. However eBay is still a fantastic medium for making money online with the sale of digital assets and intellectual property with the help of companies like Google checkouts this operation could be completely automated and you wouldn’t have to pay commission to the eBook stores.


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