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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Revenue Generating Assets: Where The Big Bucks Are

How to dramatically increase your passive income stream is what I have decided to talk about today. The easiest way to boost you passive income is with the help of revenue generating assets. So, what is a revenue generating assets? Simply put it is an asset that generates income for you simply because you own it. A few examples include;

·         Dividends from Share and Stocks

·         Interest from high yield accounts

·         Rental income from housing or other assets

These are just a few of the more common assets however there is practically endless options and some of the less common ones are the ones the interest me the most. A lot of people do not realise but there are a lot or revenue generating assets that require less investment than housing, shares and long term deposits and companies have been taking advantage of the for years. But the beauty is there is nothing stopping an individual like you or to from purchasing these kind of assets. They include;

·         ATM’s – you keep they service fee and these will only set you back about $5000 but you can expect to earn around $250 a week. Companies like CashCard keep it filled with money, in working order and insured and take only around 10-15% of the service fee for this convenience.

·         Vending Machines – These will set you back around $2-3k, companies like Coke-a-cola, Pepsi, Cadbury and more offer this product. They keep it full and in working order all you have to do is find a location. You can expect to see an income of around $70-$150 a week.

·         Pay Phones – Simple enough. You simply purchase a pay phone witch can be easily found with a quick Google search. You can pick up and second hand one for around $500. You then simply approach a shop owner etc. and offer a percentage of the sales to have to phone located in their business. Income varies greatly with pay phones however I would expect to see an income of at least $20 a week. This may not sound like much but remember it’s their for life and you don’t have to work for it. As well as this pay phones are rewound for holding their value especially if you brought it second hand.

These are the main passive income streams I use today. And I have found them to work great for me. Remember that these are only a handful of revenue generating assets and there are literally hundreds more. So I invite you to share some ideas in the comments of this post.


  1. Hi my name is Kyle. I have been interesed in passive income since the concept was explained to me a few weeks ago and I am just wondering with these revenue generating assets you are talking about how exactly do your recieve the income?

    Thank you

  2. Hi Kyle.First of all thank you for you comments. To answer you questions it varies greatly depending on what exactly you are doing. Most commonly you will find that the main payment options are. Dirrect Deposit, Cheque or paypal / Google Checkout. The latter being more common for online passive income streams. But just remember to enqure how payment will be recieved before you commit to any new passive income stream ideas.

  3. pay phones? that was maybe a good investment in 1990 when cell phones were rare, these days i see kids in middle school with iphones. now that i think about it i havent seen a pay phone in a very long time, they are absolete

    atm machines can be a good investment if you have a monopoly over a certain area, for example at the DMV. having an atm machine at the dmv almost guarantees you that people will use it out of convenience when having to pay fees, and since the dmv doesnt offer change im sure lots of people would use it to withdrawal low denomination bills

    vending machines like atm machines can be a good business if you have a monopoly over the location. for example vending machines at schools or court houses, people waiting to go into court who are nervous will be very likely to purchase items, kids love candy, soda and chips and having vending machines at schools would be a gold mine. sadly some school districts have banned caffeine and junk food

    one revenue generating asset which no one thinks about are taxi cabs. buying a taxi cab and renting it out, you can easily collect a passive monthly income while someone else drives it around

  4. Hello my name is Carlos, I know this was posted a few months ago and I am a lil late. I love the thought of owning an ATM and generating money off of that. Do you have any good sources on where I can get the information to get started on that?

  5. Those are really useful tips there. I did learned a lot from this. Thanks for sharing this.


  6. Hi Jacob,

    I read your article last night and have a few questions if you don't mind.

    According to your numbers, ATMs and vending machines bring in one hell of an income, and are low cost compared to the more commonly known types of investments!

    It seems like you've owned these kinds of assets for a while now. Are they still performing well?

    What places have been the most profitable for you? And how do you even get your ATM or vending machine into a location that looks good to you?

    What are some good companies to actually purchase ATMs from? As for vending machines, what machines have been the most profitable for you?

    For ATMs, do you still recommend CashCard to keep them serviced?

    Any other advice you can think of that I would need to know in order to get started would be very helpful.

    Also, what other less common and lower cost revenue generating assets have you found to be profitable? I've been searching for ideas but haven't been able to find much.

    Much appreciation and respect,