Hi, welcome to my blog. This blog is all about kicking the habit of earning money and switching for the easier and more effective method of “Making” Money with the use of passive income streams. We are not claiming to know the get rich quick secret but using the information on this page I will show you how I and many others like me got rich slowly but surely. Over time money rolls in faster and easier with each new stream of passive income.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Recomended Passive Income Streams

Today I'm am going to share with you a few of my favourite and successful techniques to begin creating passive income streams.

When deciding on witch passive income streams to begin with you need to consider you current financial situation, how much you are willing to invest and how much you want to make. Remember it is possible to create passive income streams without having to invest any money at all but the downside to this is the revenue is often less and the amount of time to set up the income streams are often more intensive. However it is understandable that you are viewing this blog because you need more money so below are a list of idea that I begun of with and that still work for me today that require no maintenance and offer a steady although small stream of revenue. When starting out remember you need to start small. the key is lots of small streams the generate wealth for as long as they remain active.

  • Write an Ebook
  • High yield investment account (also know as long term deposit)
  • Dividends from shares
  • Renting Vending Machines
  • Royalties from intellectual property
These are just a few of the Income streams I begun with but their are literally endless ideas one of the most common passive income streams today is housing rentals and this is what the majority of my income is produced by today, this option is great because it can also be used in conjunction with negative gearing as well as the property value increasing with the housing marked.

In the next post I will talk more about how to begin building you passive income streams and any cost involved as well as running them as a business and tax obligations involved.

For now I would like to invite you to comment and for the passive income earners among you to suggest any passive income ideas that you might like to share.


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